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Exaggeration of duties and responsibilities, untrue information or hidden information has become a common practice in the employment market.

A growing demand from companies was observed in the past years and the benefit of conducting effective reference checks thanks to a tailored method has been highly valuable for employers.

Background Check allows companies to secure their recruitment processes by gaining greater insights from their candidates’ qualifications, experiences and attitude in a professional environment.

Background Check is involved in pre-/post- employment periods to manage and oversee the background check program and verify the information provided in the CV of potential/newly-hired candidates. The process consists in ensuring the accuracy of information provided in a CV by a candidate who is involved in a recruitment process.

What Are The Advantages of Background Checking?

  1. Professional and/or educational background of new employees is verified by Background Check, which guarantees the integrity of new employees.
  2. The recruitment process is successful and maintains a positive internal atmosphere (no disappointment related to untrue information).
  3. Avoiding unexpected costs related to the recruitment process: no early termination of the employment contract, no replacement cost, etc.
  4. Smart and effective investment into the training and probation period of newly hired employees.

Who, What, Where and When… Which Methods, Procedures, and Information?

Process Step-by-Step:

  1. Package selection: we define together which packages better match with the key elements to verify.
  2. CNPD notification process: we assist the HR department in preparing the notification to the National Commission of Data Protection. Submitting this document enables the activation of background screening process.
  3. Approval Letter: the candidate, whose background will be verified, shall confirm his/her agreement with the procedure by signing up the Approval Letter together with his/her potential employer.
  4. Transmission of the candidate’s file: employers provide Background Checks with candidate’s file, which among other documents includes the approval letter.
  5. Activation of the background check process.
  6. Background Check Report: the final report will be provided within 5 to 15 business days.

The Packages

1. Personal Data Verification

This check reveals whether the applicant is who he or she claims to be:

  • Civil status
  • Addresses, past and present
  • Work permit, driving license status
  • Criminal record
2. Past Employer References

Based on the information provided in the CV by the candidate, Background Check consultants will contact HR Departments and former Managers to verify the following elements:

  • Previous employment dates
  • Job title
  • Exact role within the company/organisation
  • Detailed responsibilities
  • Main achievements and areas or competencies

This specific package reports accurate information based on verified data collected from every single employer.

The employment references will be conducted by phone and confirmed in a written form.

For specific cases like senior level candidates holding mandates in different companies as a Board Member, these professional assignments will be verified (i.e.: Director’s mandate with different companies).

3. Attitude/Behavioural Skills

The purpose is to present the professional and behavioural profile of the candidate gathered from professional referees and direct managers. This process helps in describing the perceived image of the person in a given moment of the professional life by people having worked with on a daily basis.

The following topics will be considered:

  • Main behavioural skills
  • Management style
  • Values system
  • Potential of Development

This specific package reports information based on referees’ testimonials. These references are only conducted through a phone conversation and reported with objectivity and transparency.

4. Education Verification

Educational background, diplomas and professional certifications are verified by Background Check. Schools/Universities and Institutions are specifically contacted to confirm:

  • Diplomas
  • Validity of certifications and professional licenses
  • Confirmation of the studies dates
  • Student exchange programs

The first professional experiences during studies of a junior candidate or young graduate are considered, entering in the scope of a first professional experience internships, Erasmus programmes and VIE.
Internship coordinators will act as referees for this period.

5. Professional E-Reputation & Web Activities

The objective is to verify the consistency of online information about a future employee in order to prevent any risk of reputation that may affect the organization.

The search is carried out on different social networks as well as on the public Internet, based on the first and last name of the candidate. Additional keywords can be used to compare and confirm authentication of online information.

Chosen supports:

  • Google Pages
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn / Xing / Viadeo

The information provided is limited to the applicant’s employment history to not infringe the confidentiality of the private data protection.

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